Few & Far Women Glow and Beth Emmerich attract local media coverage in Tijuana

Gloria Muriel Espacio Vanguardia 2012January 20th 2012, Tijuana, BC.- Local artists from Tijuana and San Diego have made their impression on a local pedestrian bridge in one of the busiest avenues in Tijuana. The project is one of many taking place during "Espacio Vanguardia" which is an initiative aimed at the region's artists, community leaders and college students on both sides of the Mexico / U.S. border, which promotes an open dialogue on issues like public security, migration, urban art and culture. Beth Emmerich & Gloria Muriel (Glow) are among the San Diego artists who are currently participating in the project, using their talents in a collaborative effort  with Tijuana artists to beautify the city's public spaces.

Gloria Muriel mentioned to the local media she always welcomes the opportunity to work with other artists in projects that promote a positive message. "Our goal is to create something that people will look at and get a positive reaction from".

The proejct is scheduled to be finished today, and it's already in display to the entire public.